We, at YourGoal, believe that a good counsellor breaks down and systematically rearranges a candidate’s mindset for different careers and brings the right realities to prepare him/her for the necessary adjustment and subsequent decision. We use case histories and observe personalities by a series of tests for psychometric analysis, aptitude analysis, personality analysis, skill assessment etc., and come up with the best possible career pathways that would maximise the individual’s potential and hence empower him/her to make a successful career move.

Our holistic approach towards career guidance aims to provide:
  • Psychometric Test, Personality Test and Aptitude test.
  • Extensive analysis across various career paths.
  • Dedicated assessments from all skill levels.
  • Comprehensive Personal/group/academic counselling
  • Counselling for students/college graduates/working professionals.
  • Assessment/Analysis/Guidance with a back-up plan.
  • Suggestions for the best universities in India and abroad.
  • Post counselling support and mentoring.

The company website yourgoal.in is a one stop destination for all your career related difficulties. We believe that every individual has a career calling that many a times a person fails to understand. YourGoal aims to help you meet your career goals. We provide ample options for students and working professionals with the help of Univariety. Our experts are here to help shape your career to pave way for a bright future ahead.